Why the PTO

Advertising With Purpose - PTO

The PTO is an advertising technique which allows to transmit a message to a client chosen using a useful object in order to produce an effective emotional impact with a low cost. Advertising Through the Subject (PTO) is a form of advertising that is part of the direct marketing activities. A promotional item is an idea, an image to communicate: it becomes a tangible symbol, three-dimensional, a relationship between the company and the recipient. In addition, when used as a marketing mix, is a very useful tool for reinforcing and "anchor" of the advertisement in the memory of those who receive it. There are three main areas of destination of the PTO.

  • The promotional items, which provides for free distribution to customers both current and potential, of a product personalized with your company name, logo or slogan. The object usually has a use function closely related to the reason for contacting us: a bag during a meeting, an umbrella for an occasional visit, etc.. This type of gift can be considered as a door opener, an invitation to bond: the company that you used has as its aims the brand awareness and customer loyalty. Through the object wants to communicate to its attention, appreciation or sympathy.

  • The campaign competitions, the initiative tied in a more explicit and direct desire to increase sales volumes. Examples of this variant PTO objects are distributed to the subscription campaigns, the collection points, the on-pack campaigns: useful tools to acquire new customers, increase sales and create popularity.

  • The corporate gifts, which refers to objects of a certain economic value and high prestige, designed for personal use by the recipient. This type of gift is usually used for special occasions such as anniversaries, holidays and important business. This company used to consolidate an existing report: to convey respect and trust to its customers and suppliers, to encourage and motivate distributors to thank the employees and journalists.

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